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The Invisible Leader: Facilitation Secrets for catalyzing Change, Cultivating Innovation, and Commanding Results, BY Elena Astilleros

Traditional leadership frameworks emphasize control over making connections, but that underestimates the value of collaboration. By sharing the lessons of facilitative leadership, Invisible Leader gives you a new framework for tapping into your team’s potential. This book will show you how to approach, prepare, and guide team meetings to their best outcomes, as well as how to use reflection to improve every stage of your work. With these “soft” skills, you can show respect for your team’s time, help them maximize their talents, and put the humanity back into digital transformation.

By combining the practices of adaptive leadership, facilitation, and product delivery workflows, the book offers leaders new tools for relating to their teams. Elena has 20+ years of facilitative experience into the qualities renowned leaders share, and her insights are backed up by recent research in cognitive psychology and human behavior. Leaders both inside and outside of the business world will benefit from this hands-on guide to becoming an Invisible Leader.

ELENA ASTILLEROS is a senior coach at Ticketmaster where she helps teams uplevel when they are frustrated with their results or ready to increase their impact. Her high-performance toolkit comes from extensive product delivery experience in roles with Toyota, Sony DADC, and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.