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Agile doesn’t just change how teams work. It also changes how teams are led. Agile requires a radically different approach to leadership, one that puts business, design, and engineering at equal levels--where they must work as peers. But this creates a challenge for team leaders. Agile leadership requires teams to align around a committed vision and support it in the best possible way. And even though agile leaders lack the expert knowledge of their new peers, they have to succeed with their mission without the traditional safety net of hierarchical power.

This book helps leaders and team members alike thrive in agile environments by providing hands-on guidance on how to align and manage experts to achieve a shared goal.


Written by TIM HERBIG, a product and business leader, as well as a prolific writer, podcaster, and speaker. Currently, he’s responsible for the overall sales, product, engineering and marketing efforts behind the leading conversion optimization platform Iridion. He previously shaped digital products at XING, Gruner+Jahr, and several smaller startups where he held product leadership roles for more than seven years. Tim also regularly co-organizes the Product Tank Hamburg meetup to promote the local product management community.