Sense & Respond Press publishes short, beautiful, actionable books by leading practitioners in the field of innovation, digital transformation, product management, and design. We believe strongly in collaborative, cross-functional, learning-centric ways of working—a point of view you'll see in all of our titles. Our readers are smart, busy, practical innovators. Our authors are experts working in the fields they write about. 



Jeff Gothelf

Jeff helps companies and organizations build innovative products, teams and cultures. He has helped teams implement cross-functional collaboration, product strategy, experimentation, and agile-friendly product design to maximize their success. He is the author, with Josh of Lean UX (O'Reilly) and Sense & Respond (HBR Press). He went solo for his latest work, on this press, Lean vs. Agile vs. Design Thinking.


Victoria Olsen

Victoria is responsible for editorial for the press. A writer, editor, and scholar, Victoria recently left a long career in academia as a professor of writing to join the press. Her own writing covers subjects including literature, photography and film from the nineteenth century to the present. 



Josh is a designer who has been creating digital products for more than 25 years. In recent years, he's worked as a coach and strategist, helping product teams bring new things to life. He's the author, with Jeff, of Lean UX (O'Reilly) and Sense & Respond (HBR Press).