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Companies today face continuous change. New technologies, new processes, new competitors appear every day. You’re changing your company too. Our Speaker Series can help you with that change.

Get Aligned. Get Energized. Improve Collaboration.

Our Speaker Series is a cost-effective 6-month learning subscription. Once a month, we send a great speaker to your office. There, they’ll deliver an energizing keynote talk, then spend the rest of the day meeting with your teams and leaders to talk about how they can apply our expert’s ideas to their work. Your teams will learn a common language, collaborate around great ideas, and walk away energized to face the changes that are coming.

The Series will expose you to some of the best ideas, people, and coaches in the field. You work with experts each month, sampling their ideas and insight, and bringing in-house the ideas, people, and methods that are changing the way companies work today. 

We take all the hassle out of building a speaker series in your organization. Want to learn more? Get in touch!



You know the importance of Agile to product development. But there’s a big difference between doing agile and being agile. How can you build a flexible, responsive organization that adapts to change with speed and precision?

Product Management

One of the roles that has emerged as critical to success in the digital age is Product Management. Yet this role is often mis-understood, and getting it right is critical to your success. Our experts are some of the best Product Management thinkers in the world, and they’ve made their careers by sharing this knowledge with others.

User Research

All the technology in the world is of no value if it doesn’t solve a problem for someone. But customers can be complex and unreliable. They will often tell you one thing but do another. How can you figure out what your users and customers really want? With the power of user research. Our experts teach you how to make your research process more effective and valuable in your organization.


These are just some of the topics we cover in the Speaker Series. We’re programming the best speakers on modern work culture. Want to learn more about the topics we cover? Get in touch!

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