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What Are Innovation Days?

Innovation Days is a 6-month-long series from Sense & Respond Press that makes it easy to keep your teams current on today’s most relevant topics. 

We curate a fantastic series of experts who come to your offices to teach your people, create excitement, and lead change during one high-energy Innovation Day each month. 



Organization learns a shared vocabulary and are introduced to the topic at a high level



Targeted workshops of up to 40 for people/teams that most pertain to the speaker’s topic



Coaching for cross-functional leadership to share insights and learnings from the day


The series will expose you to some of the best ideas, people, and coaches in the field. You work with experts each month, sampling their ideas and insight, and bringing in-house the ideas, people, and methods that are changing the way companies work today. 

We take all the hassle out of building a speaker series in your organization.


What You’ll Learn

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Business Agility

If you’re a leader of design, engineering, or product, you know the importance of agility to product development. But there’s a big difference between doing agile and being agile. How can you build a flexible, responsive organization that adapts to change with speed and precision? 

We believe that product development is a multi-disciplinary game. It requires new kinds of cooperation across disciplines.

We’ll bring you people who can illuminate this collaboration from every point-of-view: from design and research to product management to engineering, learn how modern teams can use rapid, lightweight methods to foster collaboration and trust and deliver more value to the business and to customers in less time than ever before.

Culture of Innovation

If you’re responsible for Learning & Development, you know the importance of culture, diversity, and inclusion. Today’s organizations thrive when they bring multiple points of view to bear on their challenges. But building a truly diverse culture of innovation is not easy. It’s not just about recruiting and hiring. It’s about creating working methods that truly embrace diverse points of view.

New methods require new skills and attitudes. You have to think about how you organize your teams, how you foster cross-disciplinary leadership and team collaboration, and how you embrace new techniques like customer collaboration.  It means tackling thorny issues like digital governance to make sure that you create safe experiences online for your people, your customers, and your community of users.

Our experts are pioneer practitioners in these fields, and they can teach these topics to your people.

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These are just some of the topics we cover in the Innovation Days. We’re programming the best speakers on modern work culture.