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In September, we were excited to feature Nicole Rufuku in conversation with Jeff Gothelf. 


Applying 3 Core Principles of Innovation to Improve Your Hiring Process

Webinar Time/Date: September 25, 2018 12:00 PM (EDT)
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 Join Nicole Rufuku conversation with Jeff Gothelf.

Join Nicole Rufuku conversation with Jeff Gothelf.

Managers and founders optimizing for innovation often think they can build exceptional teams with a conventional hiring process. Most of the time, that kills diversity, creates turnover and gives inconsistent results. Learn how to enhance your hiring process with three principles of innovation to help you hire teams built for the new economy.


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Hire Women: 3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Increase Diversity and Retention at Your Company

We're doing it wrong. Step number one in hiring and retaining women is not reaching out to every woman you know and trying to persuade her to work with you. Step number one is creating a fair and safe working environment for all of your current employees, so that a diverse pool of future candidates will find your workplace appealing. And, this is easier to do than you think. 

Debbie Madden is the author of Hire Women, forthcoming from Sense &Respond Press. Over the past 20 years, Debbie has founded five companies and served as CEO of two of them. In that time, she's honed a process that truly works. Learn how to improve hiring and retention of women on your team in any type of company using an iterative process that any team can implement.

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In this Master Class, Tim Herbig shared his tips on leadership in agile environments, where everybody operates on eye-level.

Lateral leadership describes the art of influencing peers without formal authority - A standard situation for product managers leading cross-functional teams. As agile mindsets expand beyond the technology departments of companies, managers needs to adapt his or her leadership style as well.

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FELIPE CASTRO: GOals for Agile Teams

Author Felipe Castro and host Jeff Gothelf discuss OKRs and Castro's forthcoming book, "Goals For Agile Teams" in this webinar from Sense & Respond Press


Sonja Kresojevic and Jonathan Bertfield: Making the Case for Change

Authors Sonja Kresojevic and Jonathan Bertfield discuss their upcoming book "The Case for Change" with host Jeff Gothelf in this new webinar from Sense & Respond Press.