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What CEOs Need To Know About Design, BY Audrey Crane

As a leader, you've heard that design is important, and you believe it. But you may not know what you need to know about it, how to buy it, and how to manage it. This is the book for you.

If you lead a company or business unit that makes software of any kind, then it's critical that you understand that design can have a profound impact on the chance that your company is going to be successful. We’ve seen massive returns on investing in design in several recent reports. And yet, many companies have Product Managers, Engineers and Business Analysts doing design rather than skilled designers, a massive opportunity loss.


Written by Audrey Crane, a long-time Silicon Valley design leader. Audrey is currently a Partner at DesignMap whose clients include Aetna Healthagen, RSA, eBay, Docker, and more.

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