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Making Progress is a tactical guide for you, the person charged with leading innovation, regardless of the product or domain, no matter the organizational structure you’ve inherited or are meant to create, no matter the process you’ve adopted or want to adopt, whether you work in a brand-new start up or a Fortune 500 corporation. Making Progress is for managers and consultants, design directors and chief innovation officers, board members CEOs and recruiters. It will help you juggle the needs of your team, your organization, and the projects, products, or services themselves. It will give you a framework for problem-solving your approach to problem-solving at a point in time where the pressures to solve big problems feels bigger than ever.

Written by Ryan Jacoby, the founder of MACHINE, a strategy and innovation company that helps its clients Think Big and Act Small. Prior to founding MACHINE, Ryan led teams and relationships at the design and innovation firm IDEO. He was a founding member and location head of the IDEO New York office and built the Business Design discipline at the firm.

Making Progress is available now in paperback, audiobook, and Kindle editions. Other eBook editions will be available soon. (Send us a note if there's a format you'd like to see.)